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die; Nut on no nut november to girls; Mods be like
Infinite power; The marvel superheroes
$1000 ; victory royale
Save animals; Blow up world
Get to eat a turkey; Get to eat a ham
Kill wife; 2mil+vbucks
air; sunlight
Death; DEath
Yest us d ; Yest ur
Save mUm; Save dad
Fortnite; Call of duty black ops 4
Die; Kittens
$1,000,000 salary; Big bansal’s auograph
Rahul Gandhi; Narendra Modi
Get some sweet coochie; Kill 3 liberals
T-mobile; Verizon
Daddy; Even hard daddy
Re add zap cANnon; Add Nuke 
Morgan; Trump
traps; hentai
Play cod ; Play mincraft
Make fortnite memes; Make Ninja memes
Natsu; Zeref
more poopinias in the toilet; victory royale 27 times in a row