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Giving a guy a crash course in logical thinking at age 30; Installing teamviewer on his computer so you can spend an hour every night with Him on the phone for the next year doing his job till you brain slowly turns in to scrambled egg.
meta-meme; Making a meme that's actually funny
good bois; Girls be like; Fuckbois
 Bro! What's the score?; Hotstar Mai KITNE viewers HAI?
make memes about starting a new thread on the meme thread; Start a new thread for serious discussions
Education; GRADuation
Checking pewdiepie's channel every 10 minutes; Trying to revive dead memes because you can't stay hip with the kids
Earn money for v-bucks; 8-year-olds be like...; Stealing moms credit card
Chala Hawa Yeu dya; F.R.I.E.N.D.S, 
The Office, 
The Big Bang Theory
playing minecraft; playing fortnite
snake case liek php code; camel case like rest of javascript code
Cell Theory; we are made of  microscopic bits  of our an0estors  destroyed by the alien overlord, xenu
top text; like and subscribe; bottom
easy noob;  xtreme hard
40mm; 60926
                  MDU students for placement; रोजगार

मेला; Joint

upvoting because you want free 250 coins; upvoting because the meme is good
O saki saki; Dhagala lagli kala
Ah pero cuando hay Bardo en el grupo; Cuando lees en el grupo que hay que HACER incursión
Đâu là khối động cơ tốt nhất thế giới???
FOrtnite; minecraft
NAPRAVI video o FP-ovima  DEX! ; NAPRAVI video o ljudima s osam ruku i NOGU dex!

100% on Test; 
69% on test
favour; Labour
Looking like a simp and using memeatic; Using memerino to ResurREct dead meme formats