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good bois; Girls be like; Fuckbois
Education; GRADuation
Checking pewdiepie's channel every 10 minutes; Trying to revive dead memes because you can't stay hip with the kids
Stealing moms credit card; 8-year-olds be like...; Earn money for v-bucks
playing fortnite; playing minecraft
camel case like rest of javascript code; snake case liek php code
we are made of  microscopic bits  of our an0estors  destroyed by the alien overlord, xenu; Cell Theory
Cuando lees en el grupo que hay que HACER incursión; Ah pero cuando hay Bardo en el grupo
Đâu là khối động cơ tốt nhất thế giới???
FOrtnite; minecraft
69 Retweets because sex; 64 retweets because it makes a stack
Teatching low rank players; Teaching high rank players; BananaGaming:
making memes; copying from reddit
Text; ADD
Fortnite; work
Olive Garden and butt stuff ; Red lobster and BUTT stuff
when you see some one playing 
minecraft; someone playing fornite
+4; Hot 14 year old
Mc DoNalds; Free real e state
FoRtnite; Pubg
NInja; Cod
That’s not right; Ahhh
🇹🇴; 🇼🇸
17 year olds birthday in one minute; 18+
Spelling; Spieling