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Its gettin hot out here; So take off all your clothes
Yeet; After masturbating for amd Hour
After wanking ; For 100 years
and then he noticed...; she said she would meet me on feB 31
3019 tahun kemudian; Nunggu kampret ga goblok
I will Die; I swear if httyd 3 doEs not come out soon-
I will die; I swear if i have to wait any longer for my chocolate-
When you get fingered by Big Bansal new song; For 5 hours in a row
When the respaWn counts down from 10 in Fortnite; But waits another 6 years in a black screen
Fortnite to load; I have to wait for
ok see you in the aFterlife. I guess; She said to be here in five mins...
In 5 mins; She said she wOuld be ready