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asks for nudes does not recieve; angery; sees oupurtuinity; talking to gf
ReeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeEeeeeeeeeeeeee; When wat Ching DaQuan
Reddit saids wait 7 minutes to comment; Reddit saids wait 27 seconds to comment; Reddit saids wait 2 minutes to comment; reddit saids to wait 10 minutes to comment
forgetting its you day out; Forgetting its Friday 13th; Forgetting its haloween; Forgetting its valentine day
mom talks about video games; laughing at mom for saying she get me video games; me pissed off for her saying she changed her mind; taking with mom
renya; is; so ; stupid
attack; N0 human; Human; HUman with food
With itttt; Now that we found love; What are we gonna do?
Tchoooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo; Aaaaaahhh..; Aah..; Im gonna sneeze
Now that we fouNd love; What ate we gonna do?; WITH ITTTT
Thick Woman; Woman with boyfriend; Fine woman; Good lookin' woman
Nuc cc
When youre chillin; When you have a metal siezure; When you have a siezure ; When you choke on air
Ok class; PLEASE COMPLETE PAGES 1-949685873625241338; Mwahahhahahahah; For homeWork
1 min until Bell riNgs; 5 mins Until Bell riNgs; ‘the bell doesn’T dismiss you i dismiss you’; 10 secs Until Bell rings