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Me saying I will make memes to pay back for food my friend gave me; Me making this meme
Making a meme that's actually funny; meta-meme
Fuckbois; good bois; Girls be like
 Bro! What's the score?; Hotstar Mai KITNE viewers HAI?
Start a new thread for serious discussions; make memes about starting a new thread on the meme thread
GRADuation; Education
Checking pewdiepie's channel every 10 minutes; Trying to revive dead memes because you can't stay hip with the kids
Stealing moms credit card; 8-year-olds be like...; Earn money for v-bucks
Chala Hawa Yeu dya; F.R.I.E.N.D.S, 
The Office, 
The Big Bang Theory
playing fortnite; playing minecraft
snake case liek php code; camel case like rest of javascript code
Cell Theory; we are made of  microscopic bits  of our an0estors  destroyed by the alien overlord, xenu
 xtreme hard; easy noob
40mm; 60926

Placement;                   MDU students for placement; रोजगार

upvoting because you want free 250 coins; upvoting because the meme is good
Dhagala lagli kala; O saki saki
Ah pero cuando hay Bardo en el grupo; Cuando lees en el grupo que hay que HACER incursión
Đâu là khối động cơ tốt nhất thế giới???
FOrtnite; minecraft

100% on Test; 
69% on test
Getting 64 on a  test PAPER cause of a stack on mc; Getting 69 on a test paper
69 Retweets because sex; 64 retweets because it makes a stack
When GIRLs like you; When girls don't like you
Skskskskskssksksksksksksksksksskskskksskskskskskskskskssksksksskskskskssksksskskskskssksksksksskskskssksksksksksksksksksksskskskskskssksssksksksksksksksskksksskkskskskskskskskskds; Sksks