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WHIte people; N word; End racism
abortion; When you can feel the fetus doing fortnite dances
EXisting characters for the 3rd season in a Row; Epicgames; Epic games be like
Wall; Geting shot at; Trump
Big bansal 24 hour playlist; The world ends in 24 hours
; WoW
When your parents say your full name; Abandon ship
WHIte people; N word; End of racism
Remove Tiktok; When you see your sister moving the ipad so much
Abort mission!
Abort Mission!; You feel it coming on in bed...
Reffis; Duzen
ban; renya
Ngurangin  kampret;   ....................   Abortion
Slap your sister; When you see your sister swinging your iPhone around to do Tik Tok
When the FRQ Requires An EXPLANATION ; couloMb's 
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Build a wall!; Trump
NUT; when you fail no nut november
Middle school boys; *moaning in class*
When your fetus is listening to new wave; AborTion
activision; keep glitch for two weeks
ur  sick; its cause of that phone;    me: im sick    mum: ur sick
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