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N word; End racism ; WHIte people
abortion; When you can feel the fetus doing fortnite dances
The world ends in 24 hours; Big bansal 24 hour playlist
WHIte people; End of racism; N word
Remove Tiktok; When you see your sister moving the ipad so much
Abort mission!
Abort Mission!; You feel it coming on in bed...
ban; renya
Ngurangin  kampret;   ....................   Abortion
Slap your sister; When you see your sister swinging your iPhone around to do Tik Tok
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Build a wall!; Trump
NUT; when you fail no nut november
When your fetus is listening to new wave; AborTion
ur  sick;    me: im sick    mum: ur sick; its cause of that phone
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when you wanna nut sumone; nut nut nut nut nut nut nut nut nut
2 extra bisucts
Punch her BRuises
GF yawns; put finger in her mouth
when you listen to hentai for the first time; im saving this on everything
girlfriend starts yawning; put finger in her mouth
BoYs; End no nut november
See doll factory 2010 ; Tu turn off the TV 😵