Batman Slapping Robin

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Batman Slapping Robin, also known as "My Parents Are Dead" is a Meme where Batman is slapping his sidekick Robin mid-conversation.
The image was taken from a comic book published in 1965 by DC Comics.

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You fool; I lost your penny
You Don’t have powers either!; But all i-
I hate defaults; Stop underestAmating defaulTs robin
Tfue:triggerd; Deafults suck
You toxic 11 year old; Im pLaying fo....
We don’t Take Kindly to your type here; What about pub..
**** you robin ***** you**************; Duuu im bat man my dad And mom got shot yell im gay to VILLAINS
Bataman we need ea games ; Bull crap i’d rahter die then serve those nazis
Ali ; GooD content
Big bansal’s new song is meh; The fuck you say to me you Little bitch
Pubg wins; Snap out if it man
Batdude ; Batman!
 No nobody cares ; zombie high school
We do not say that word, robin!; Okay, so once upon a time there was a princess
Was mine; I said that cat women
I'm batman; You son of a
i'm looking for...; 404!