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TV; Oreo; Chocolate; We NEED more coffee flavors for the humans any ideas?
We need more help on food; Hungry jacks; Cat pOop; Dog poop
simply go talk to them; we need to talk to humans; abduct them ; tramatize then
Bigger probs; HelpIng them in resources; Better tech; What can we do to help humans
Cars; UFO’s; Trucks; New technology?
i am the leader,Uu.....; sayori!; monika; yuri!; we need to delete a character in doki doki literature club and make humans forget about that character
justin beiber is besst man; false; exactly; true!
WHat do you all think of faIrytail?; Its trash; I love it; Best show ever!!!
; water; sun shrinker; we need sunlight an ideas on what could help us
We need more recourses; HaRvest earth; Harvest are ship; Harvest mars